Designing School-wide Behavioral Support Systems with Families, Students, and Community Members

Düzenleyen: Doç. Dr. Aydın BAL

In this keynote, Aydin Bal will present the results from a multiphase statewide research project, Culturally Responsive Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports. CRPBIS has been conducted in the state of Wisconsin since 2012 in close collaboration with the Wisconsin Department of Instruction, two school districts, civic organizations, and the University of Wisconsin.  In the CRPBIS Project, Learning Lab methodology has been used in five public schools to examine and address behavioral outcome disparities. In Learning Lab, local stakeholders (students, families, educators, education leaders, policy makers, and community representatives) collectively design schoolwide behavioral support systems in their schools. Dr. Bal will discuss the implications of the CRPBIS Project for Turkish educators to systematically address behavioral problems in early childhood education.