May The Force of Play Be With You!

Düzenleyen: Prof. Dr. Toni LINDER

Play is not a trivial activity. It is a developmental need and a drive that helps build the neurological architecture of the brain.  Children across the globe are motivated to play.  Dr. Linder will address how play, as an innate force, and can be the foundation for creating effective early intervention programs. From the first encounters with children and their families, play observations can inform our knowledge of each child’s developmental strengths and the child’s approaches to learning.  Play also provides insight into supports that will be useful for educators, therapists and the family.  Because children are motivated to play, fitting intervention ideas into a child’s play provides a means for integrating intervention into activities that the child will naturally want to repeat, and thus practice, building skills.  The presentation outlines nine types of play and what each contributes to development and learning.  Dr. Linder will also address how to intentionally incorporate all of these types of play into early intervention for home-based programs and into the preschool classroom throughout the day.  Play can be a strong force for enhancing growth in sensorimotor, cognitive, communication, and emotional and social development.  May the force be with you!