Transdisciplinary Play-Based Assessment (Transdisipliner Oyun-Temelli Değerlendirme)*

Düzenleyen: Prof. Dr. Toni LİNDER, Professor Emerita, University of Denver *Ardıl çeviri yapılacaktır.

Çalıştay Ücreti: 250 TL
Sertifika: Katılım belgesi verilecektir.
Kontenjan: 40 kişi

3-hour session

Transdisciplinary Play-based Assessment
Presented by Dr. Toni Linder
Professor Emerita, University of Denver

Play-based assessment is a functional observational approach to assessment of infants and preschoolers from birth to age six. In this presentation participants will learn how to observe children in playful interactions with parents, adults, and peers using the Transdisciplinary Play-based Assessment-2 materials.  TPBA2 is a child and family-focused process.  Preliminary family forms allow professionals to obtain developmental and social history, family perspectives about the child’s development, and how the child handles daily routines.  This information also informs the planning for the play assessment. TPBA2 Observation Guidelines provide qualitative information about the child’s learning style, interaction patterns, and approaches to developmental activities.  Age Tables provide a means for professionals to determine a child’s developmental levels across the sensorimotor, emotional and social, communication, and cognitive domains.  The combination of both elements of the TPBA assessment helps professionals determine strengths and needed supports. The TPBA2 process can also be used to identify children who are in need of special education services. Information from the assessment observations is also used to make a meaningful intervention plan and to monitor progress over time.  Participants will learn the content and process of the TPBA2 and how to implement it in their setting. Using video clips from actual assessments, participants will practice using the TPBA2 materials to document children’s abilities through observation of their play.